Textiles and Stitch


In the textiles workshops we explore the use of stitch into fabric, metal, wood, recycled materials and much more to create unique pieces of individual or collaborative artwork. All of the projects start with drawing, and then learning basic hand stitch techniques which we then apply to our chosen material to construct or embellish. As well as doing hand sewing we also have some adapted sewing machines which can be used by any level of ability. In some projects we have also used a pillar drill, when working with metal and wood, in order to create holes to stitch our hand drawn design into. Some of our past projects have included 3D fabric recipe books, where everyone researched their favourite type of cake, drew it, created it in 3D textiles and then stitched the recipe on the side. Another was drawing telephones onto metal, drilling the holes and stitching electrical wire into it to make a stitched drawing.

Whether you are interested in drawing, making 3D sculpture or simply love sewing, there is something for everyone in the textiles classes; we design the projects to fit around your interests. So why not come and have a go and see what new skills and fantastic artwork you can make!

Check out our artwork in the Textiles Gallery