In the ceramic workshops we use clay to make all sorts of different things from vases to telephones and from cups and saucers to insects. The main techniques we use are slab building and coiling. When slab building we roll the clay with a rolling pin into thin slabs (like pastry!) and cut shapes out of the slabs to either make 2D pieces like tiles or stick the slab shapes together to build 3D objects like mini tv’s and radios. When using the coiling technique we roll the clay with our hands on the table top to make long coils which can be coiled one on top of the other to build objects like mugs or vases. We also often put patterns in the clays surface either by rolling textured paper into it or using hand held tools to imprint into the surface. The items are then bisque fired in our kiln and ready to paint with glazes to create durable and hard wearing finished pieces.

If you like getting messy and like manipulating squishy materials then you will enjoy the ceramic workshops. You can see the initial designs you make on paper develop over the weeks into your very own unique pieces of ceramic art. All levels of ability welcome, help can be given if and when needed so why not come and join us and give it a go?!